How to Order your CDs

Our online order form below means you can have all the convenience of online shopping without having to create an account with us.

If you'd prefer to pay online using your credit card, simply fill out the order form below and submit it online.

If you'd prefer to pay by *cheque or *money order, fill out the online form, print it out and send it in with your payment. (*NB Personal cheques from overseas NOT accepted. Please have bank cheques made payable to EVERGREENMELODIES in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS ONLY).   Click here for contact details.

When purchasing 4 or more CDs you will notice the price per CD will adjust down automatically. When purchasing more than two CDs the Sunshine and Roses CD price reduces incrementally to $0.oo when 10 or more CDs are included in your order. 

Boxed set of 12 John Sidney piano music CDs To buy THE JOHN SIDNEY COLLECTION  (the BOXED SET of 12 CDs) place a '1' in the 'QTY' column next to each CD and the total price will adjust to the boxed set price of AU$188. (NB The extra 40 cents displayed will be adjusted to zero when your payment is processed.)


Sunshine and Roses CD

BONUS: Purchase the boxed set of 12 John Sidney piano music CDs and receive Sunshine And Roses CD absolutely FREE. $10 from your purchase will be donated to the Friends Of Old Parliament Rose Gardens (FOPHRG).